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I would like to buy my family gifts for Christmas and not go to the poorhouse, so I figure I had better do this sooner rather than later >.>

the nitty gritty:

Top two offers - Full colour and fancy pets- I will work on as large an area as I can (as much of the A4 sai paper as the image will comfortably fit,) so you have more to work with if you decide you want to have it printed at kinkos or whatever.

Flat colours, I will toss a paper or watercolour filter over if you would like, and I will send you whatever size i end up working in, which will probably be pretty big anyhow :>

Colour Sketches will actually not have a paper BG, that was my bad. I will trim it a bit so the file isn’t a billion miles wide. : )

If you would like a full body commission shoot me an email and we can talk about that! I’m open to just about anything.

actually, if you’re interested at all please email me before you tumblr me, as my tumblr is hungry-hungry and eats all my messages.

Go get you some Kris art for she is made of awesome. And sparkles.

I wanted to thank my followers for sticking around. I know I haven’t been the most active on my social media/art fronts lately, something I hope to change when/if stuff here settles, and I honestly expected to sit down and look and find that I had essentially self-destructed these avenues with my absence, but instead I find myself with a few *more* followers on each. A bit shocked and, well, happy.

When the creativity-meter shows the fuel level at empty, seeing something like that means a lot. Thank you.


”Blade Runner” concept art by Syd Mead


Ayami Kojima


"Irish folklorist and dramatist Lady Augusta Gregory penned some of the most memorable and timeless retellings of tales from Irish mythology. Recently, the Folio Society — makers of such exquisitely crafted books as The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook illustrated by Natacha Ledwidge– resurrected Lady Gregory’s tales in a lavish slip-case edition of Irish Myths and Legends (public library) featuring stunning art by Brooklyn-based illustrator and cartoonist Jillian Tamaki.”

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cute small chicks hanging out with gentle big faceless dudes with romantic undertones is a hell of an aesthetic